Male Selkath


As an aquatic species, the Selkath are skilled swimmers. They resemble anthropomorphic sting rays and have blue-,pink- or green-colored skin, which is patterned for underwater camouflage, and their mouths are bracketed by cephalic lobes. They tend to stroke these during conversation, analogous to the Human habit of stroking facial hair, such as mustaches.


Hunter’s mother was a Jedi healer who was killed by Aniken Skywalker trying without violence to prevent the slaughter of the younglings. The relationship is biological. She fertilized one of her own eggs and implanted it in her sister (Hunter’s surrogate mother who raised him) to allow her infertile sibling to have a child. Publicly, the Jedi simply “healed” the infertile Selkath. Hunter was born back on the Selkath homeworld Manaan and raised by his surrogate mother and her husband (also the biological father). The matter was handled completely within the family. There is no record or documentation to link Hunter to his Jedi healer parent, but Hunter was told the truth of his parentage in his teens.

Hunter followed in the family (and common Selkath tradition) of studying medicine. He attended the Imperial Medical Academy for two years. During “Spring Break” Hunter traveled home when the shuttle he was on was hijacked. The hijackers were slavers hired by Hunter’s romantic rival. Hunter found himself drugged and woke up in a slaver ship owned by Nemro the Hutt. Rather than protest or try to escape, Hunter decided to try and work his way out of slavery. Eventually he found himself owned by a band of pirates on Narshadaa as their medic. There he first encountered the party who generously provided Hunter the opportunity to trade his way to freedom. Once free, Hunter joined the party as he was committed to their goal of hunting down the criminal mastermind Bin Oma and her side kick Ghost. Bin and Ghost were the ones who kidnapped Hunter and sold him to Nemro.

Bin and Ghost were caught in short order and fed to cyborg-nexu by Jabba the Hutt. Much to the distress of former party member Tam Droma.


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