I've got a bad feeling about this...

Start your Motivators

Having fully discussed comics and decided not to go see Ultron, we immediately got down to business.

That business was “how to spend two hours stumbling lamely around trying to find an action to take”.

Despite that well mapped out strategy, Dr. Siiv set off on his own to trade his stash of illegal drugs for legal ones. He was successful. Unfortunately he was successful in the moments before a couple of storm troopers busted the merchant and Dr. Siiv and Nurse-Zombie Dani were arrested.

Waking from a drunken stupor, Cam left our temporary lodgings and ran into the storm troopers escorting their prisoners to the garrison building. Thinking fast, Cam reported seeing rebels plotting in and alley and led the whole group in a tour of Mos Eisley’s back streets.

Cam’s skillful use of an open comm, allowed Derek and Hunter to see up and ambush. Derek showed amazing skill concealing himself only to turn and find Hunter standing in the open alley waiting for the storm troopers. Moments later, the storm troopers and their prisoners came around the corner. One of them yell “that must be the rebels!” and pointed at Cam. Hunter drew both his blasters and shot each trooper in the head and the fight was over. Cam released the prisoners. Dr. Siiv made sure the merchant got his fairly traded for drugs and sent the merchant on his way.

Taking advantage of the available storm trooper armor – after a bit of cosmetic repair to the helmets, Cam and Derek strolled into the bar where the air speeder racers were bragging about their chances in tomorrows big race. The arrested racer Steve Kenobi and his co pilot for possession of Glitter Stim, “found” the evidence in their pockets and marched the pair out of the bar. Kenobi and his co-pilot soon found themselves drugged unconsious and left in a cheap motel for 24 hours.

Completely unrelated, Derek Starchaser, famed winner of the Corellian Derby, turned up a short while later at the racer bar and offered to fill Stev Kenobi’s now vacant slot in the race the next day. A late entry with no air speeder racing experience, at least one bookie was willing to take bets on Starchaser at 2-1 odds. Not a bookie, Derek could find, but Hunter placed bets for the party.

Through a thrilled, edge of your seat display of game mechanics and mysterious die-rolling, Derek and co-pilot Cam were able snatch victory for the jaws of something besides victory to win the race.



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