Nar Shadda

Nar Shaddaa

The largest moon of Nal Hutta. The entire surface is covered with layers and layers of city.
This feature gave it the nickname “Little Coruscant”

Smugglers come to Nar Shadda in droves, looking for work with the the Hutt clans.

Notable Sectors on Nar Shaddaa:

Corellian Sector: High rise district on Nar Shadda filled with trendy restaurants, clubs and casinos. Seedier venues and gambling dens are found here also.

Old Duros Sector: Home to free roaming creatures that were once part of the Duros Menagerie of Exotic Species. Entrepreneurs have been holding weekly safaris into this sector for years.

Red Light Sector: On a world known for it’s illicit activity, an entire sector dedicated to that behavior stands out. This sector specializes in prostitution, body enhancements, implants and illegal drugs.

Undercity: Home to Mutants, CHUDs, Cthulu, Tim’s next character and other horrors.
Just don’t go.

New Vertica: Sector on the moon that has successfully seceded from Hutt rule.


Nar Shadda

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