Gunnery in Vehicle Combat

In any round, a PC gets 1 Maneuver and 1 Action.
You can gain an extra Maneuver by giving up your Action for that round or by suffering 2 Strain or by spending 2 Advantage () from a skill check.


Aiming – By spending one Maneuver Aiming, you can gain 1 Boost () die.
If you spend 2 Maneuvers Aiming you gain 2 Boost () dice.
Alternatively, you can choose to Aim at specific vehicle components in order to damage Damage Shields, Com Array and Specific Weapon systems.
If you spend 1Maneuver Aiming at a specific component/system on a vessel add 2 Setback () dice to your next combat check.
If you spend 2 Maneuvers Aiming at a specific component/system on a vessel add 1 Setback () die to your next Gunnery check.
If the next gunnery check is successful and you do damage, then that component or system is damaged until it is repaired. See Charts below for example components.


Exchange Action for an extra Maneuver – Mentioned before, you can give up an Action for a round to gain an extra Maneuver that won’t cause you to suffer 2 Strain.
Fire DisciplineHard () Leadership or Discipline check – Forgo attack in order to grant next gunner a on his next Gunnery check. Each () grants the Boost die to an additional Gunner. If the player using Fire Discipline gains () they can spend it to cause 1 System Strain for every hit on their target until the beginning of his next turn.
Scan the Enemy – Forgo an attack to use the ships scanners to figure out what weapons and modifications the target ship has. 2 Advantage () can be spent to find out the current HT and SS levels.
Gunnery – The Difficulty of a Gunnery skill check is modified by the Defense rating of the target and the difference in Silhouette between the attacker and the target. Silhouette.PNG So a target vessel with the same Silhouette as the attacking vessel and a Defense of 2 would have a Difficulty of . Pilot Maneuvers like Stay on Target can upgrade your dice pool. For example, If your normal Gunnery check is , your new dice pool (using the target from the previous example )would be . On the other hand, if your Pilot was performing the Evasive Maneuvers maneuver, the Gunnery check’s Difficulty gets upgraded. Using the previous examples, that dice pool would look like this: . In this example, you’ll notice that one of the Difficulty () dice was Upgraded to a red Challenge die.

Doing Damage

If you hit, you do the damage according to the weapon’s damage rating in the Statblock. Loronar_E-9.PNG
Any extra successes increase the damage by 1 per extra .
Any Advantage () left over can be used to reduce any Strain you’ve suffered at a 1:1 ratio. You can also spend it on activating Critical Hits or weapon Qualities. Both of these are explained in How to read a Vehicle’s Stat Block. You can also spend Advantage and Triumph in other ways. See the chart below for ideas:

Gunnery in Vehicle Combat

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