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Nar Shadda Nights

Nar Shadda Nights

Just a brief overview of what happened during the session yesterday.

The captured Weequay, named Dinni Torva , is a member of Jasko’s Alphas. They are a small to medium-sized pirating operation in the Hutt sector.

Dinni gave the party the frequency for his cousin, Fizo, who is in the Pirate crew also.

The party was invited to the Darklands (lowest level on Nar Shadda) to make the exchange, but after some back and forth, the Meltdown Cafe in the Corellian Sector was selected.

Since there was some time to kill before the meeting, some of the party went to stake out the Meltdown Cafe, while Kebrana worked on fixing the ship and Tam went shopping.

Four Weequay and four Ganks showed up to the Cafe a short time before the scheduled meeting. Tam never showed up for the meeting, so when Jasko, Fizo and Hunter showed up for the meeting, the party was a little unsure about who would be doing the negotiating. Siiv took the lead and promptly started offering everything to the pirates except your current vessel. Recognizing a way out of his situation, Hunter inserted himself into the negotiation and worked a deal to get out of his contract with the pirates and help the Party locate Ghost. In the end, the pirates got Dinni and their Cloakshape fighter back and they had to deliver 2 proton torpedoes, let Hunter out of his contract and pay for the drinks at the Meltdown Cafe.

Hunter and Siiv had actually attended medical school together and have some familiarity with each other. Hunter was familiar two of Ghost’s hangouts where he would pick up Glitterstim. Hunter led the group down to the Heartache Bistro in the Red Light Sector, but first you had to go through the Old Duros Sector. When you were approaching the Turbolift, Chub noticed that the party had picked up a tail. A Rodian and an armed Security-type droid were following the party. Everyone except Chub took the turbolift down to the Old Duros Sector. The Rodian and droid followed down with Chub securing himself to the top of the turbolift. The party confronted them when the turbolift doors opened. When Chub surprised everyone by dropping down behind the bounty hunters, Hunter drew his pistol (very quickly) and a firefight ensued. The fight drew the attention of a small pack of Vribithers (spiked crocodile monsters) and they attacked Zarmaloff who had been in settled into an sniping/overwatch position quite a ways from the rest of the party.
After a bit of exchanged fire, the droid was cut down, the Rodian incapacitated and the vribithers were turned into luggage.

Siiv patched up the injured crew and on to the Red Light Sector you went.
The Heartache Bistro is the gem of the Red Light Sector. It features an enormous, high-end restaurant on the first floor and a bustling multi-story night club above. After searching the nightclub, a Defel was found but it was not “”/characters/ghost" class=“wiki-content-link”>Ghost". It was, however, a highly inebriated cousin of Ghost who was happy to share with Zarmaloff that Ghost had been there earlier and left. He also demonstrated a cool floating beer bottle parlor trick. Kebrana and Siiv shared a prostitute while also hacking into the security system and reviewed some video footage that confirmed Ghost had been there and made a transaction.

So back to the Corellian Sector and to the Slag Pit you went. After some bribery, Odrell, the Pau’an owner of the bar, told you that Ghost had been there earlier. From the timeline, it seems like he had gone there first and then to the Heartache Bistro. You also found out that Tam had been there looking for him and he had Bin with him. They seemed to be in a hurry.

The party then went back to your docking bay so that Kebrana could search the port’s system for records of YV-560’s being docked recently. There were two on record with one that had departed just minutes before. Derek and Kebrana hopped into Derek’s Y-Wing in hopes to intercept them before they made the jump to hyperspace.
Derek pushed the limits of the Y-Wing and decided to go in the direction of the forbidden Pabol Hutta (a hyperlane that goes deeper into Hutt territory and through the area that hosts the Hutt Throneworlds).

The scanners spot something ahead and then they see the Gilded Sparrow ahead of them…

Leaving Mos Eisley

Here’s a little info on Mos Eisley and Tatooine.

Here are some of the local NPC’s.

Belduran Mul

Carin Videll

Stev Kenobi

Britta Neid



Jabba Desilijic Tiure

I don’t have their Bio’s filled out yet, but I’m working on it.


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