Nemro the Hutt

Smallish Hutt with one red eye and one white eye


Nemro is not particularly large for a Hutt as he is still fairly young at 400 years old. His distinguishing characteristics are his eyes. He has one red eye and one white eye.


Nem’ro used to be a powerful Kajidic in it’s own right. One of the most famous of the clan called himself Suudaa Nem’ro. After his untimely death, the clan was decimated and what was left was absorbed into the Besadii Kajidic.

When Nemro was born, he had one white eye and one red eye, just like Suudaa Nem’ro, so they named him Nemro after him.

Nemro has business dealings throughout the Galaxy. He focuses on gambling operations and the “illegal” slave trade.

The Hutt Kajidics

Nemro the Hutt

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