Jason Hammer


Jason Starrider was a rising commander in the Empire. When he joined he saw the safety and stability of the Empire was superior to the chaos and corruption of the Republic and the arrogance of its Jedi Knights that lead to its undoing. As time went on he began to see a darker side of the Empire carriying out missionns that were simply unjustified. One final mission he carried out earned him much praise and a pending promotion to a command position in a Star Destroyer. Instead he resigned and walked away without explanation to his superiors.

Over time he worked for different employers. His skills enarned him a good reputaiton and finally enough resources to purchase his own ship. He found love with a young red Twi’lek woman named Bin Olah. He was planning on proposing to her after she returned from borrowing his ship to make a quick delivery of some stolen droid parts. She had just docked at the Wheel, where he was taking some R&R and hitting the Casinos.
He went to the docking area to see her and arrived just in time to see your ship engulfed in a fiery explosion of fuel and tibanna gas.

The bodies that were found couldn’t be identified and the Wheel’s Security thinks it was sabotage.

Since then Jason has rebuilt and moved on but knows the universe can be cruel. He never found out who did this to him but knows nothing stays hidden forever because someone knows and he will find it

Jason Hammer

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