I've got a bad feeling about this...

A Stern Chase is a Long Chase

(not so long, after all

Thanks to Dan for writing up the summary. Here it goes:

We got the Gilded Sparrow back and caught Bin, Ghost and Company (including Tam).

Captain Hammer and Chub flew off to the Wheel (it’s around) to deliver the Rebel medical supplies (and keep them off screen with their players away).

Everyone else delivered Bin and Ghost to Jabba, who dropped them into his sometimes rancor pit. At this time it has what appeared to be cybernettically enhanced nexu fulfilling the “eat the prisoners” role. We saw Bin and Ghost die. Cam successfully negotiated payment and a “let’s call it even” status with Jabba where the party is walking away with something over 100,000 credits, I believe.

Dr. Siiv removed all the implants from the Ugnaught, performed medical procedures on him (he swears they were beneficial and not the hideous torture they sounded like) and disposed of the body on Tatooine. I believe he claimed that despite his best efforts, the poor creature did not pull through.

The Trandosian merc working for Bin gave up in exchange for a promise of being released once the rest of Bin’s team was down. We let him go on Narshadaa with his weapon and other possessions with no hard feelings.

Cam released his cousin Tam on Narshadaa immediately before we left. Cam told his cousin to go away and get over the stupid bitch and not come back. Both Derek and Kabrana have promised to kill Tam if they see him again because of his betrayal. (To me this seems to go beyond the spirit of friendly betrayal we see in Star Wars with Han and Lando where the sentiment is more of a “I’ll come out on top next time” and “okay, we can work together but I don’t trust you” in the smuggler community. I’d much rather hear the story of how the party left Tam naked and creditless on that Ugnaught freighter after the next time we encounter him. It’s more fun and you get to have recurring characters.)

Somewhere in the middle there was a fire fight in our (Jabba’s) cargo bay when we brought the escape pod with Bin’s team aboard. We won. Dr. Mengela, I mean Siiv, patched up Cam and Hunter.



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